Around 30 million men across the country live with erectile dysfunction (ED). While this condition is extremely common, it’s not a normal part of the aging process. That’s good news because it means you can treat what’s causing your ED, reversing your symptoms.

Even more good news: Minimally invasive treatment options can help you get a firm, long-lasting erection. In fact, here at the Center for Urology in Altamonte Springs, Florida, Abraham Woods, MD, offers a number of leading-edge ED treatments, including shockwave therapy and the P-shot®.

How shockwave therapy works

Low-intensity extracorporeal shock wave treatment (LI-ESWT) has gained traction among health care practitioners as a way to address broken bones and injured tendons and ligaments, to improve wound healing, and to help men with ED. It gives the body support for tissue repair, circulation, and cell growth.

Minimally invasive penile shockwave therapy works by treating one of the main obstacles to a firm, lasting erection: insufficient blood flow. While a number of health conditions can affect blood flow to your penis, shockwave therapy safely and effectively improves the movement of blood in your penis, increasing sexual function.

During treatment, Dr. Woods uses a specialized device to send low-intensity shock waves into your penis. This helps your body to generate new blood vessels in the area and strengthens blood flow there.

Increasing blood flow is also the goal of ED medications like Viagra® and Cialis®. But with shockwave therapy you don’t need to worry about taking a pill at a specific time or waiting for it to kick in.

What to expect with minimally invasive ED treatment

The treatment usually takes about 15 minutes and doesn’t require any anesthesia. During your treatment, Dr. Woods moves the specialized device over your penis, administering the low-intensity shockwaves. Most patients report feeling no discomfort. Instead, you might experience a tingling sensation.

Dr. Woods generally recommends a series of treatments, spaced about a week apart. Talk with him about the symptoms you’re experiencing so he can tailor a treatment plan for you.

In some cases, depending on your symptoms and your sexual wellness goals, Dr. Woods may recommend an alternative to shockwave therapy. Fortunately, you have other minimally invasive treatment options, like the P-shot, which uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP) to trigger tissue repair in your penis.

Dr. Woods can develop a minimally invasive ED treatment plan for you that works. Call the Center for Urology or book your appointment online today.

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