Yes, it’s true that for most women, sex drive declines with age. However, that doesn’t mean you have to resign yourself to increasing issues in the bedroom. In fact, a worsening sex life doesn’t have to be a part of the aging process.

Thanks to new treatments like the O-Shot®, Abraham Woods, MD, can help women address a wide variety of the sexual health issues that crop up through the years. What’s more, this option is available right here at the Center for Urology in Altamonte Springs, Florida.

If your sex life could use a boost, don’t hesitate to talk to Dr. Woods about the O-Shot.

What the O-Shot can do

The O-Shot is specifically designed to use your body’s own healing power to restore health in your vaginal tissues. As a result, it can address a variety of sexual wellness problems, including:

  • Increased dryness
  • Decreased libido
  • Trouble orgasming
  • Pain during sex
  • Genital skin-related conditions

Additionally, many women struggling with urinary incontinence see improvement after getting the O-Shot.

All told, your vagina changes through the years. But the O-Shot gives you a way to turn back the clock and enjoy a healthier, more vibrant sex life.

How it works

This treatment uses platelet-rich plasma (PRP). Dr. Woods takes a very small sample of your blood and puts it in a centrifuge. This allows him to separate out the platelets to create a concentrated solution of these powerful healing elements in your blood.

Anytime you get injured, your body directs platelets to the area. They contain growth factors that support the body’s repair processes. When Dr. Woods injects the O-Shot in your clitoris and upper vagina, it floods these areas with platelets. Their healing properties help to drive regeneration in the area.

Individual results vary, but most women see improvement in three or four months.

Customized treatment to enhance sexual wellness

Some women achieve their desired outcome with a single O-Shot treatment, but if you want even greater transformation in your sex life, Dr. Woods can tailor a plan for you. With multiple appointments over several months, you can get more PRP into your vaginal area. Over time, this can help you enjoy greater libido and lubrication for more pleasurable sex.

After each appointment, it’s important that you rest for a couple of days — avoiding sex and vigorous exercise. You might have some mild redness, swelling, or bruising after treatment, but it should fade quickly.

To learn more about the O-Shot and to talk with Dr. Woods about how it can enhance your sex life, call the Center for Urology office Monday through Friday, or book your consultation online anytime.

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