Women may experience sexual dysfunction and a lack of sexual wellness over the course of their lives as a result of aging or due to certain factors, such as medications and medical conditions. At Center for Urology, board-certified urologist Abraham Lincoln Woods III, MD, provides the Orgasm or O-shot® to help women restore and enhance sexual intimacy. To speak with Dr. Woods about the O-shot, call the office in Altamonte Springs, Florida, or schedule an appointment online today.

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The O-shot is a safe and effective non-surgical solution for women who experience stress incontinence. The O-shot uses the healing properties of platelet-rich plasma to repair vaginal and urethral tissue, restoring strength and function.

Many women suffer from decreased libido, vaginal dryness, a decreased ability to orgasm, chronic pain, and other symptoms of sexual dysfunction. The O-Shot can help reduce these symptoms, as well as urinary incontinence.

How does the O-shot work?

O-shots are platelet-rich plasma (PRP) injections administered into the clitoris and upper vagina. PRP therapy, used extensively in numerous other fields of medicine, utilizes your blood to heal injuries and enhance functioning.

Once Dr. Woods extracts a small vial of blood, it’s processed to create a blood substance that contains a high concentration of platelets, known for their healing properties and growth factors.

Dr. Woods gently injects the highly concentrated PRP using a thin needle into your clitoris and upper vagina, where it stimulates the growth of new healthier and more sensitive vaginal tissue. Many patients report little to no pain with O-shot treatment.

What conditions can the O-shot treat?

At Center for Urology, Dr. Woods uses the O-shot to treat various women’s sexual health problems, including:

  • Skin-related conditions that affect the genitals
  • Poor sexual function or performance
  • Urinary incontinence
  • Vaginal dryness

You might also benefit from the O-shot if you’re unable to have enjoyable orgasms.

Is the O-shot painful?

The O-shot is safe and usually well-tolerated. Following your injections, it’s normal to experience mild side-effects for a day or two, including swelling, redness, and bruises. As your body heals, avoid having sexual intercourse for at least a couple of days. You should also avoid strenuous exercise or physically demanding activities like bending and lifting.

When will I experience results from my O-shot?

The results of the O-shot vary depending on your health history and the cause of your sexual dysfunction. Many women experience a significant improvement in their symptoms after just one shot. Other women require several O-shot injections over several months.

Be patient and follow Dr. Woods’ instructions carefully. It can take up to three or four months* to achieve your desired outcomes, but the wait is well worth it.

To speak with Dr. Woods about whether an O-shot is right for you, book your appointment by phone or online today.

*Individual results may vary